How it works

Amleh Gold is a pioneering platform that utilizes the capabilities of blockchain technology to digitize and tokenize physical gold. It enhances the accessibility, liquidity, and traceability of gold, while preserving its inherent value.

The Tokenization Process

The tokenization of gold on Amleh Gold involves various steps, ensuring the authenticity and legitimacy of the process:

  1. Root Authority Certification: The journey begins with a Root Authority that confirms the credibility of the companies involved in gold tokenization. This validation is critical for maintaining the integrity of the tokenization process.

  2. Creation of Companies: The Root Authority is also responsible for the on-chain creation of companies. Each company, after validation, is established on the blockchain, offering an immutable record of its formation and enhancing the transparency of the overall process.

  3. Formation of Digital Vaults: Following company creation, each validated company establishes its own digital "Vaults", symbolizing their physical gold storage. Each vault's specifics, like the amount and quality of stored gold, are recorded on the blockchain, ensuring complete transparency and verifiability.

  4. Issuance of Gold Certificates: Once the gold is secured in the vaults, gold certificates are issued. Each certificate corresponds to a specific amount of gold in a vault, serving as a digital claim for that gold. These certificates are also recorded on the blockchain for ensured traceability.

  5. Staking to Create Tokens: The final step involves staking the gold certificates to create Amleh Gold Tokens. Each token represents a claim on a set amount of gold, effectively converting the physical asset into a digital token that can be easily traded.

The entire process is facilitated by the Metanet protocol, a graph based data structure that enables hierarchical on-chain management of the process from top to bottom, providing verifiable attestations of events, ensuring the transparency and traceability of the gold from its initial storage in the vaults to its digitization into tokens. Actions involving management of companies and the platform operate on a threshold signature basis, ensuring only legitimate actions are undertaken.

Beyond a Wallet: Amleh Gold for Businesses

Amleh Gold isn't simply a wallet for end-users to send and receive gold tokens. It's a comprehensive solution for managing, verifying, and capitalizing on gold resources, particularly for businesses. Here's how:

  • Asset Management: Companies can establish and oversee their digital vaults, reflecting their physical gold assets. This grants a transparent and accurate overview of a company's gold assets.

  • Liquidity Enhancement: Amleh platform allows companies to digitize their gold assets by issuing gold certificates and converting them into tradable tokens. This process increases the liquidity of these assets, allowing businesses to utilize their gold holdings more effectively.

  • Audit Trail and Accountability: Amleh Gold offers an unchangeable historical record and audit trail for every transaction. This feature is essential for regulatory compliance and internal audits, enabling companies to provide accurate, verifiable proof of their gold holdings and transactions at any point.

Amleh Gold revolutionizes how businesses manage their gold assets. By merging blockchain technology with physical gold assets, it provides a robust tool for gold resource management, auditability, and liquidity enhancement, making gold a more manageable and accessible investment.

Screenshots of the product: