Amleh's Roadmap

Amleh PTY LTD is a company aiming to make trading Gold, easier than ever. How do we do this? Simply by utilising the best proven technologies out there to deliver a modern form of something that fundamentally, already exists. We bring the Gold certificate model to the blockchain, and we make it faster, more scalable, accessible, and efficient. Then we build systems to support its infrastructure and build its own eco-system.



10 kilograms of genuine Gold is purchased and placed into a secure vault. The event is audited.


Tokens are issued. The 10kg of gold directly translate to 10,000,000 Amleh tokens. Users can immediately start transacting using Tokenized protocol enabled wallets.

Exchange Listing

List tokens on various exchanges to enable liquidity, and ease trade.

Wallet / Point of Sale

Develop Amleh POS app for merchants. In house development of Amleh POS app which enables merchants to key in request amounts in their own native currency and receive payments easily. Merchants will be able to have staff use the app without any risk.


Amleh intends to develop micro-financing products, primarily for Vietnam and Indonesian markets.


Optional and opt-in Custodial Bank Services for Amleh Gold.

Future Developments

Beyond 2021 - We plan to introduce advanced merchant facilities to make trading with Amleh even easier... Amleh PTY LTD plans to tokenize and issue other assets beyond the scope of Gold.